Tender No. : ALB-ST-SW-1006-INT-STP-2013-SR

Contractor: Strabag AG & Trema Engineering 2 Sh.p.k – Subcontractor: Lala & Shansi Shpk– Suplier NT.Mentori Shpk

No. Description Quantity Supplied
Short data for materials supplied from NT Mentori Shpk
1 HDPE 100 Pipes diameter 20-500 mm 63.000 meter
2 Electrofusion Fittings, Couplings, Tees, Pressure Tapping Tees, Pressure Tapping Valves, Saddles, Bends, Reducers, End Caps,

etc diameter 20-500 mm

30.000 pieces
3 DCI Resilient Seated Gate Valves, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Float Valve, Non Return Valve, Hydrants, Service Valves,

Spindles, Surface Boxes, Flange Adaptors, Multi Joints, Dismantling Pieces, Repair Clamps, Pipe Saddle, Air Valves, Pressure

Reduction Valves, Strainers,and accessories diameter 80 – 500 mm

5.000 pieces
4 DCI Fittings, Flanged Tee, Flanged Bends, Double Flanged Pipe, Flanged Spigot, Flenged Reducer, Blind Flanges, Flap Valves

ect diameter 80-500 mm

1.300 pieces
5 Domestic Water Meters and and Stop Valves diameter 15-50 mm 13.500 Pieces
6 Electromagnetic Flow Meter DN 80-300 mm 11 pieces
7 Leak and Pipe detection equipment 24 pieces
8 Plastic Manhole DN 1000 mm for Sewage system and Hause connection chamber DN 625 mm 140 pieces
9 Corrugated pipes OD 315 -630 mm SN 8 3.500 meter